Iceland, August 2017

A series of photos taken around the Iceberg lagoons and diamond beach in the south part of Iceland.

It was the first time for me to see water in this form, and I had spent more time contemplating rather than documenting the scene. The noise that ice make is subtle but sharp, calming but also creepy; this is an interesting contrast with the silence of the snow and the rhythm of the water.

I'm not sure, but to me water in this region region felt denser and much darker in contrast with the crispy white of the ice. This allow to create interesting black and white and duo tonal composition.

Composition is a bit tricky since iceberg always move, they never keep the same position so long exposure is quite difficult. I was lucky to be spectator of a sunset over the iceberg lagoon, which has an incredible effect over the icy surface.

I wish I had more time to explored the texture of the ice and more details of this fascinating surface.